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Introducing 1.499 lens: enhanced vision and comfort

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One of the key features of the 1.499 lens is its exceptional sharpness and precision. The lenses are crafted using cutting-edge technology, ensuring wearers experience clearer, more detailed vision than ever before. Whether reading, driving or any other daily activity, this lens minimizes distortion and enhances the overall visual experience.

In addition, the 1.499 lens has an advanced anti-reflective coating that effectively reduces glare and reflections. This innovative coating enables wearers to see clearly in a variety of lighting conditions, especially when driving at night or facing bright, direct sunlight. By minimizing interference caused by reflections, the lens provides a comfortable and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Comfort is another aspect that sets the 1.499 lens apart from its competitors. Made from high-quality materials, the lenses are extremely thin and lightweight, ensuring comfortable wearing for long periods of time. The slim design not only enhances the beauty of the glasses but also reduces pressure on the wearer’s face, making it suitable for individuals with a variety of visual needs and prescriptions.

Eye fatigue is a common problem faced by people who work on digital screens for long periods of time.  1.499 lenses solve this problem by incorporating a special blue light filter. This filter selectively blocks harmful blue light emitted by digital devices, reducing eye fatigue and potentially preventing long-term damage. With digital dependence on the rise, this feature is invaluable for those seeking to protect their eyes and maintain optimal visual health.


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 Additionally, the 1.499 lens features a specially formulated hydrophobic coating that repels water, dust and dirt. This innovative coating ensures lenses stay cleaner longer, reducing the need for ongoing cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the coating provides a protective layer against scratches, ensuring the longevity of the lens and extending its lifespan.


 1.499 lenses are available in a variety of prescriptions to meet the individual needs of wearers of all ages. From nearsightedness to farsightedness, this lens provides the best solution for every vision need. Additionally, it can be customized to fit a variety of frame styles, catering to both fashion-conscious wearers and those looking for a discreet look.


  1. PROUDCT:CR-39/1.499 UCCOAT
  3. ABBE VALUE:58


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CR-39 1.499 UNCOAT LENS (2)
CR-39 1.499 UNCOAT LENS (4)
CR-39 1.499 UNCOAT LENS (5)

Package Detaled and Shipping

  1. We can offer standard envelope for customers .or design customer color envelope
  2. Small orders is 10 days,big orders is 20 -40 days .specific delivery depends on the varierty and quantity of the order
  3. Sea shipment :20-40 days
  4. Express : you can choose UPS ,DHL,FEDEX.etc
  5. Air shipment:7-15 days


Keep the transmittance of the visible lights and retain the beneficial blue –green lighs

Emsure the visual sharpness and the comfort of the view.

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