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1.56 Plastic Bifocal Photochromic Photogrey Optical Lens

Short Description:

When a person’s eye adjustment is weakened due to age, he/she needs to correct his/her vision separately for the far and near vision. At this time, he/she often needs to wear two pairs of glasses separately, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, it is necessary to grind two different refractive powers on the same lens to become lenses in two areas. Such lenses are called bifocal lenses or bifocal glasses.

Binocular lenses or bifocal lenses are lenses that contain two correction areas at the same time and are mainly used for presbyopia correction. The area where the binocular lens corrects the far vision is called the far vision, and the area where the near vision is corrected is called the near vision and the reading area. Generally, the far field is large, so it is also called the main field, while the near field is small, so it is called the sub-field.

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Proudct 1.56 Plastic Bifocal Photochromic Photogrey Optical Lens
Material NK55 /China Material
Abbe Value 38
Diameter 65/28MM/72/28MM
Lens Color white /Grey/Brown
Coating HMC
Coating Color Green/Blue
Power Range Sph +/-0.00 To +/-3.00  Add:+1.00 To+3.50
Advantages Available in both spheric/aspheric design, high quality plastc lens, premium lenstreatment with anti-reflective, anti-glare, antu-scrath &water resistant

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Package Detaled and Shipping

1. We can offer standard envelope for customers or design customer color envelope.
2. Small orders is 10 days, big orders is 20 -40 days specific delivery depends on the varierty and quantity of the order.
3. Sea shipment 20-40 days.
4. Express: you can choose UPS, DHL, FEDEX. etc.
5. Air shipment 7-15 days.

Product Feature

1. Lens is more clear, power also more accuracy,perfect coating from coating machine.
2. Blocking UVA and UVB, protection from the harmful solar rays.
3. Lighter than CR39 - 1.499 lens.

Why choose 1.56 Plastic Bifocal Photochromic Photogrey Optical Lens

There are several reasons why someone might choose the 1.56 Plastic Bifocal Photochromic Light Gray Optical Lenses:

1. Convenience: Bifocal lenses allow the wearer to see clearly no matter how far or near, without changing different glasses.

2. Photochromic Technology: Photochromic lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions, dimming in bright sunlight and brightening indoors or at night. This is a handy feature that eliminates the need to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses.

3. Lightweight: Plastic lenses are generally lighter and more comfortable to wear than other materials such as glass.

4. Best sharpness: 1.56 index provides the best sharpness and reduces distortion, resulting in clearer vision and more comfortable eyes.

Overall, these lenses offer a combination of convenience, comfort, and clarity, making them a popular choice for many.

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