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1.56 Photochromic Grey Optical Lens

Short Description:

Lenses photochromic are popular of all-purpose, indoor & outdoor day to day activities. Photochromic lenses are Light-adaptive and can be placed in just about any fashion frame. Photochromic lenses are faster darkening in about one minute, yet they clear indoors immediately in comparison to ordinary plastic photochromic.

Photochromic lenses are: reliable, advanced solution and cost effective for any professional need. Lens are more durable and longer-lasting than others, due to its in-mass technology.

Color-changing lenses, also known as “photosensitive lenses”. According to the principle of photochromic reversible reaction, the lens can quickly darken under the irradiation of light and ultraviolet light, block strong light and absorb ultraviolet light, and show neutral absorption to visible light; Back in the dark, it can quickly restore the colorless and transparent state and ensure the transparency of the lens. Therefore, color-changing lenses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to prevent eye damage caused by sunlight, ultraviolet light and glare.


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Proudct 1.56 Photochromic Grey Lens
Material China Material
Abbe Value 38
Diameter 65MM/72MM
Coating HMC
Coating Color Green/Blue
Advantages High performance darken faster than ever
Highly improved generation of photochromic lenses
Lighter and thinner than traditional lenses
Fashioned, beautiful & elegant
Available in different design
All-purpose, indoor & outdoor day to day activities
Can be placed in just about any fashion frame

Product Pictures

1.56 Photochromic Grey Optical Lens
1.56 Photochromic Grey Optical Lens
1.56 Photochromic Grey Optical Lens

Package Detaled and Shipping

1. We can offer standard envelope for customers or design customer color envelope.
2. Small orders is 10 days, big orders is 20 -40 days specific delivery depends on the varierty and quantity of the order.
3. Sea shipment 20-40 days.
4. Express you can choose UPS, DHL, FEDEX. etc.
5. Air shipment 7-15 days.

Product Feature

Fast speed of changing, from white to dark and vice versa.
Perfectly clear indoors and at night, adapting spontaneously to varying light conditions.
Excellent color consistency before and after change.

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