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1.56 HMC Single Vision Optical Lens

Short Description:

Lenses with  1.56 index are considered the most cost effective lens on the market. They possess 100% UV protection and are 22% thinner than CR39 lenses.

These lenses with knife edge finishing suit those irregular frame sizes (small or large) and make any pair of glasses look much thinner.

Enhanced Vision Quality: Also available in Asphericl.

Our Middle Index 1.56 comes in HMC (AR)

Resin lens is a kind of lens made of organic materials. Inside it is a polymer chain structure, which is connected to form a three-dimensional network structure. The intermolecular structure is relatively loose, and there is space between the molecular chains that can produce relative displacement. The light transmittance is 84% – 90%, and the light transmittance is good. At the same time, the optical resin lens has strong impact resistance.

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1.56 hardened resin lens

In terms of the characteristics of 1.499 stiffened resin lens, 1.56 stiffened resin lens is advanced in design and adopts physiological bending design to effectively reduce the thickness of lens. Moreover, this kind of lens is thinner because its refractive index is larger than 1.499.

1. 56 Comparison between hard filmed resin lens without film and filmed lens.

1. It can effectively prevent water droplets from sticking and floating on the lens surface.

2. The efficient anti-reflection and anti-reflection function ensures that the transmittance of the lens is up to about 97%.

3. It is not easy to age, has high light transmittance, and has strong impact resistance and wear resistance.

4. Coated glasses can reduce the reflected light on the lens surface, solve the problem of wearing glasses to take pictures under strong light, and increase the aesthetic feeling.


Proudct 1.56 Hmc
Material Nk55 /China Material
Abbe Value 38
Diameter 65MM/72MM
Coating HMC
Coating Color Green/Blue
Advantages Available In Both Spheric/Aspheric Design, High Quality Plastc Lens, Premium Lenstreatment With Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare, Antu-Scrath &Water Resistant

Product Pictures

1.56 HMC Single Vision Optical Lens
1.56 HMC Single Vision Optical Lens
1.56 HMC Single Vision Optical Lens

Package Detaled and Shipping

1. We can offer standard envelope for customers or design customer color envelope.
2. Small orders is 10 days, big orders is 20 -40 days specific delivery depends on the varierty and quantity of the order.
3. Sea shipment 20-40 days.
4. Express you can choose UPS, DHL, FEDEX. etc.
5. Air shipment 7-15 days.

Product Feature

1. Lens is more clear, power also more accuracy, perfect coating from coating machine.
2. Blocking UVA and UVB, protection from the harmful solar rays.
3. Lighter than CR39 - 1.499 lens.

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